Theatre Motus

Where does the word Motus come from? From the Latin to move.

Théâtre Motus, a motor of creation and emotions


10 years with young audiences, 10 seasons of creation, of exploring new worlds and of

nourishing cultural exchanges.

These 10 years are like a stepping stone: the same audacity at heart the same unknown before

us, but, this time, with a public who supports us, peers who encourage us and, most of all, our

experience to guide our desire.

10 years, a springboard into tomorrow!

Founded in 2001 by Hélène Ducharme and Sylvain Massé, Théâtre Motus creates shows that

combine puppeteering, acting techniques, coloured shadow theatre and music, in order to give

life to original creations intended for young audiences.

Right from the beginning of a project, the two partners surround themselves with a team of

creative partners who enrich and strengthen their artistic research. The idea is for them to

remain open to the various artistic approaches by their peers, integrating the knowledge and

striving to move the theatre practice forward.

The company, which tours its shows internationally, has already performed nearly eight

hundred times here, in France, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Mali and Greece. Since its

inception, Motus collaborates with venues including, notably, the Théâtre de la Ville where

creation residencies usually spread over two years, allowing to verify the resonance that the

creations have with children.

In connection with their research and production work, the artistic directors are always looking

to interact with young spectators: from post?performance meetings through specialized

workshops, to joint projects in development, every effort is made to encourage connections

with young audiences.

Théâtre Motus, a theatre moving quickly and to be followed at a good pace!

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