Patch Theatre (Australia)


Patch Theatre is a vibrant Adelaide-based company that creates whimsical theatre for 4-8 year olds and their carers. We've been theatre-making for 40 years, have performed to 1.7 million children and produced 103 new works. We present our repertoire of 9 productions cross Australia and internationally.

We are collaborative theatre-makers, generating our work through tasks, provocations, improvisation, research, play, exploration, experimentation and happy accident.

We seek to provoke, tickle, prod and beguile children with performances that celebrate the experience of childhood, the joys of play, the whims of the imagination, the struggle to make meaning and the challenge of growing and developing through the most complex and telling phase of their lives.   

Our style is ecclectic ... each new production is distinctive. We honour the power of whimsy in a world that values logic.

Our mission - keeping the artist alive in the child -  is animated by a quote by Pablo Picasso - "every child is an artist; the challenge is to keep them so."

Our objective? Simple yet wondrous theatre experiences that are deeply rendered at a child’s level of comprehension and perspective. Elegant simplicity!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.Leonard Da Vinci

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