Kazzum (England, UK)


Kazzum (pronounced ka-ZOOM) is a theatre company dedicated to producing fresh, relevant theatrical experiences for young audiences up to the age of 16. We put on a wide range of very different shows and spectacles with one thing in common - we want to entertain our audiences, and at the same time inspire them and fire their imaginations.

We produce family shows for children up to the age of eight, and more grown-up shows for young people aged ten and upwards. We don't create shows just to explore issues but, like all good theatre, they are intended to make the audience think. For over twenty years we have been engaging and stimulating young people with work that we hope will create a lasting love of theatre and an understanding of its value.

Theatre isn't theatre without an audience, and young people are crucial to what we do at every stage.  It is through the participation of young people that we at Kazzum have developed our own abilities to deliver resonant, dynamic work that really engages the audience.  We listen to young people when we are developing new work, and offer a wide range of opportunities for getting involved all along the way.

We bring theatre to young people in unusual and unexpected settings, often with audience participation and multimedia techniques.   Brown Paper Packages, for example, takes place in an outside space that appears to have been cordoned off by the emergency services, while The Girl Who...takes place in a shopping market where the audience are taken on a quest into the unknown within a space they thought they knew.


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