Qasemi, Moslem (Iran)

Moslem Qasemi

Born in 1954 Tehran

Studied in two fields; “Management”, “Directing and Acting”

Graduated in acting and creative theatre of Centre of Intellectual Developments of children and adolescents, passing several courses in acting, playwriting and etc. with Iranian and foreigner professional professors, participation in grand groups of children ‘theatre like “paper bag” group, participation in center of  Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults (Kanoon)group and running hundreds mobile shows, street scene across the country and Iranian and foreigner festivals, instructor in creative theatre in the libraries of the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults (Kanoon) in Tehran and other cities ( before and after the revolution),

Author, director and narrator of Children and adolescents programs in Iran Radio and Khorramabad Radio before and after the revolution, cultural-news anchor, news narrations and documentary and responsible for news narrator’s professional selection for television Channel 2, Responsible for training and dubbing director and narrator in television and experimental theatre and various organs, cultural and artistic director of Education in Tehran and other areas for ten years, secretary of the numerous theatre and music festivals in Education and teacher training, holding several classes for managers, teachers of The Education and teaching creative theatre in different agencies in the provinces, teaching art in Bachelor of Arts in Teacher Training Centre and extracurricular classes; theatre and theatre therapy in Iran University of Medical Science, holding different workshops in festivals and different cities ( Children’s theatre and theatre in the classroom)

Member of Yunima Mobarak founder committee and one of the Institutor and practitioners of International Film Festival of Fajr, participated in various conferences and art and cultural festivals out of the country as a responsible person and speaker in some cases,

At present time; honorary member of children and adolescents’ theatre of Germany and free representative of that country within signing a protocol of cooperation and cultural communication for Children and Adolescents with Iran, participating in old festivals and valid international Children and adolescents theatre of that country as an expert and artistic and cultural observer

Cultural Advisor for Iranian and Persian speakers in Book House and Frankfurt ( private, personal and free)

Writing practical and proposal articles for improving children’s show and street theatre ( Expressing needs, problems, obstacles and ways out of these impasses, etc.) and publishing them in books and technical bulletins

Author, director and theatre actor

Author or director: “Moliere’s pedant girl “drama, “memories” (improvisation),” uninvited guests”, “deer and birds”,” horse”,” wolf is wolf”, “waiting room”, “only 15 minutes”, “the teacher”, “cage break”, “the seconds and the thirds”, dramatic narratives (narrating, screen reading and show) of the lives of prophets which at the present time has went on screen as a long term work experimentally and has good results.

Acting in shows: Rostam and Sohrab, Aboumoslem, the station, an accident in dolls city, the pea and governor, the bowl pumpkin, Lady sun shine now, Hourse, Kuty Muty, Arya Dekapour, obsolete words, Moth lady, crows, the other covenant, Vatsalou, narration of Ibrahim Khalil Allah, Nouh and Ibrahim shows.

Author: of dozen of shows in the form of books like; Wolf is a wolf, cage break, the seconds and the thirds, the fourth and fifth, dwarf who always yelled, behind a red light, the stories of the prophets in the Quran ( in the form of visual narratives for storytelling in schools), translation and written of short plays, funny and amazing for children, translation of drama for adolescents, writing and translating of more than 180 story books and educational technology and training for preschool, elementary and middle school children.

Customized and pending works; the first book and CD, collection of drama of the sixths and separating the seconds and the thirds’ collection into independent sets, performing a theatrical package of six volumes in the classroom for the country’s schools ordered by Borhan School publications, a collection of the prophets shows for theological theatre Centre and completing narrative dramas ( stories of the prophets and national stories and mythology) for that center.

Dramatic quotations with (put away the mirror) title, containing dramatic components of our society. The mentioned book and “behind the red light” is for youth and adults.

Research and gathering professional experts’ opinions and art and educational sciences experts in relationship with groups and those who are invited by administrators and teachers for running play in school and or students are taken to venues for watching some of the shows. Unfortunately, some of these shows are not only lack of educational and training effects, but also has devastating impact on the children and adolescents because of some reasons like; lack of awareness of children’s education art and also purely materialistic goals and the lack of expertise monitoring in the education on this important factor. (Of course, this look to children and adolescents’ theatre in other countries is more sophisticated.)

However, this book talks about wonderful effects of drama in The Education as an infrastructure tool, before it talks about negative effects of some shows.

The exact name of the book has not be chosen yet, but some questionnaires are prepared for Iranian and European experts to discuss about this matter, it will be sent as an answer for analytical and detailed questions. The first name of this book was (harmful theatre) that with advice and comments of some friends, another name will be placed on it. This book will be published in 3 languages; Persian, English and Germany by coordination of some European theatre center. Because of the grand work extent, from financial and research point, a substantial supporter and sponsor of art will be thanked.