Aghaabasi, Yadollah (Iran)

First name and surname: Yadollah Aghaabasi

Date of birth: 1952

Level of Education: PhD in dramatic literature

Major Productions:

- "The Dak Vally Talisman" by Y. A. Abbasi, 2014, Kerman, Iran.

- "Translations" by Brian Friel, Translated and worked by Y. A. Abbasi, 2013, Kerman, Iran.

- "The Siavoshan's night" by Y. A. Abbasi, Kerman, Iran.

-         "An apple in hand, a fantasy in head", by Y.A.Abbasi, 2009 Kerman, Iran.

-         "Face to face with sun", by Y.A.Abbasi, 1997, Kerman, Iran.

-         "Accidental death of an anarchist", by Dario Fo, translated by Y.A.Abbasi and Ali Asqar Maqsoudi, 2004, Kerman

-         "The great wall of China", by Max Frisch, translated by Y.A.Abbasi, 2002, Kerman, Shiraz, Tehran

-         "To the dust which should be an angel", (Be geli ke fereshteash mibaiast) by Y.A.Abbasi, 2000, Kerman

-         "Blood Knot, by Athol Fugard, translated by Y.A.Abbasi, 1998, kerman

-         "Narrow road the deep north", by Edward Bond, translated by Y.A.Abbasi, 1997, Kerman

-         "Make story short Shahrzad!" (Ghese kootah kon, Shahrzad!), by Y.A.abbasi, 1996, Kerman

-         "Closed eyes", by Y. A. Abbasi, 1994, Kerman, Bushehr.

-        "The Shadow of a gunman" by Sean O'casey, translated by Esmaeil Khoei, 1990, Kerman

-         "White and red" (Dooghi-Annabi), by Y.A.Abbasi, 1989, Kerman

-         "The night Thoreau spent in jail", by Robert E. Lee and Jerome Lawrence, translated by Behzad Qaderi and Y.A.Abbasi, 1988, Kerman

-         Montsera, by Emmanuel Robles, translated by Abraham Sedghiani, 1987, Kerman, Tehran

-        Sizowe Banesi is dead, by Athol Fougard, translated by Mahmud Kianoush, 1986, Moulavi Theatre Tehran

-         "Four boxes" (Chhar Sandoogh), by Bahram Beyzai, 1979, Kerman

-         "Rainy Home" (Kane Barani), by Faramarz Talebi, 1975, Kerman, Sirjan, Rafsanjan, Bardsir.

-         The night (Shab), by Amin Faqiri, 1975, Kerman

-         Moonlight (Shabe mahtab), by Y.A.Abbasi, 1975, Kerman

-         "Every man is responsible for his own work" (Har kasi kare kodesh), by Y. A. Abbasi, 1975, Kerman

-         Passenger (rail), by Mahmoud Dolat Abadi, 1974, Kerman, Sannandaj, Rezaieh, Shah Abad, Kermanshah, Saqez

-         Night passengers, by Nader Ebrahimi, 1973, Kerman


-         "Old man" in night passengers, by Nader Ibrahimi, a work of Y.A.Abbasi, 1973

-         "Coffee man" in “the station” (Patoogh), by Esmaeil Khalaj, A groups work, 1973

-         "A young man" in “fade in the lights” (Mahve dar parto Noor) a work by Loqman Naziri, 1973

-         "Marhab" in “The passenger(railway)” by M.D.Abadi, a work of Yadollah A.Abbasi and Ebrahim Motiei, 1974

-         "Medium" in “on the ocean” by Mrozek, a work of Ebrahim Motiei, 1974

-         "Aziz" in “the black” (Siah) drama by Ali Nasirian, a work of Reza Khazraei, 1974

-         "Story teller" in “every man has its own responsible” writing and working by Y. A. Abbasi. 1974

-         "Patlan" in “piere "Patlan the lawyer" a middle age force, a work of Y.A.Abbasi, 1975

-         "Shokrollah" in “the night”, by Amin Faqiri, a work of Y.A.Abbasi, 1975

-         "The death" in “Sisyphe and death” drama by Rober Merel, translated by Ahmad shamlou, a work of Dr.Hoseini, 1975

-         "Heydar" in “the rainy house”, by Faramarz Talebi, a work of Yadollah Aqa Abbasi, 1975

-         "Scarecrow" in “the four boxes”, by Bahram Beyzaei, a work of Y.A.Abbasi, 1979

-         "Bonto" in “Sizowe Banesi is dead”, by Athul Fugard, a work of Y.A.Abbasi, 1986

-         "IZQ" in “Montesra”, by Emmanuel Robles, a work of Y.A.Abbasi, 1987

-         "Emerson" in “the night Thoureau Spent in Jail”, translated by Qaderi Co translator and a work of Y.A.Abbasi, 1988

-         "Man" in the “White and red” of Y.A.Abbasi, 1989

-         "Grikson" in “Written and worked” by Sean O'Casey, a work of Y.A.Abbasi, 1990

-         "Commander" in “the closed eyes” written and done by Y.A.Abbasi, 1994

-         "Shahryar’s dream" in “make story short Shahrzad” drama, written and done by Y.A.Abbasi, 1996

-         "Basho" in “narrow road to deep North”, translated and done Y.A.Abbasi, 2000

-         "Passenger" in “a flower which must be an angel”, written and worked by Y.A.Abbasi, 2000

-         "Manlac" in “ accidental death of an anarchist” by Dario Fo, translated and worked by Y.A.Abbasi, 2004

-         "Haftvad" in “An apple in hand, a fantasy in head”, written and done by Y.A.Abbasi, 2010

-         "Investigator" in "The Siavoshan's night" by Y. A. Abbasi, 2013.

-         "Black" (Siah) in "The Dark Valley Talisman" by Y. A. Abbasi, 2014.


-         A dust which must be an angel (drama) Tehran, Sepide Sahar, 2001

-         The sea is turbulent continually (poetry), Tehran, Fasle Sabz, 2001

-         Kerman’s dramas ( closed eyes, make story short Shahrzad, White and Red), Tehran, Namayesh, 2001

-         Creative drama, story-telling and children and adolescents’ theatre, Tehran, Ghatreh, 2006, second edition 2007, third edition 2009 (Kerman University)

-         Bam, Sincere love of Rodabeh (story),Tehran, Farzane Rouz Publisher, 2007

-         Rock miles (Seven plays),Ghatreh publisher, 2010

-         To the stars and to the rain. Seven plays. Tehran, Ghatreh publisher, 2008

-         Iranian’s drama  encyclopedia, Kerman University and Ghatreh publisher, Tehran, 2012

-         Essays on drama. Tehran, Afraz, 2012

-        Attendance stone rock. Seven plays for adolescents, Tehran, Qatreh publisher, 2012

-        Charlatans (Lootian-e-Marderend), a play for adolescents, 2010), Tehran, Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults (Kanoon)


Translated Books

-         The Uses of Drama, Hudgson et al. Tehran, Namayesh, 2003

-         The Theory of the modern stage, Eric Bentley, Kerman, Fanoos, 2002, Tehran, Ghatreh, 2011.

-         In Contact with the Gods, Maria M. Delgado and Paul Heritage, Tehran, Namayesh, 2001, Ghatreh, 2011.

-         Acting (re) considered, Philip B. Zarrilli, Tehran, Ghatreh, 2004

-         A Burnt-out case, Graham Greene, Kerman, Fanoos, 2002

-         Behold A Pale Hourse, Emeric press Berger, Tehran, Jamedaran, 2001

-         Essays on dolls, Rilke et al. Tehran, Namayesh, 2001

-        Awake and sing, Clifford Odets ( with Fereshteh Vaziri Nasab), Tehran, Sepideh Sahar, 2000

-         Marko Millions, Eugene O’Neil ( with Behzad Ghaderi), Tehran, sepideh Sahar, 2000

-         Wild Duck, Henrik Ibsen ( with Behzad Ghaderi), Tehran, Namayesh, 1992

-         The nigh Thoreau Spent in Jail, Robert E. Lee and Lawrence (with Behzad Ghaderi), Tehran, Namayesh, 1991

-         The outcry, (screenplay) Antonioni, Tehran, Sepideh Sahar, 2001

-         Sea, Edward Bond, Tehran, Sepide Sahar 2001

-         The Eclipse (screenplay) Antonioni, Tehran, Sepideh Sahar, 2001

-         The Fool, Edward bond ( with Behzad Ghaderi), Tehran, Sepide Sahar, 2001

-         Donton’s Death, George Buchner, Tehran, Sepideh Sahar, 2001

-         Poor Bitos, Jean Anoulih, Tehran, Sepideh Sahar, 2001

-         Blood Knot, Athol Fugard, Tehran, Sepide Sahar, 2000

-         Great God Brown, Eugene o’Neil, ( with Fereshteh Vaziri Nasab), Tehran, Sepideh Sahar, 2000

-         Morning becomes Electra, Eugene O’Neil, Tehran, Ghatreh, 2005

-         The great Wall of China, Max Frisch, Tehran, Ghatreh, 2005

-         Accidental Death of an Anarchist, Dario Fo, Tehran, Ghatreh, 2005

-         The Emperor Jones, Eugene O’Neil, Tehran, Ghatreh, 2005

-         Translations, Brian Friel ( with Mina Motesadi), Tehran, Ghatreh, 2010

-         The Secret art of The performer, Euginio Barba, Tehran, Soureh Mehr, 2011

-         The Narrow Road to the Deep North, Edward Bond, Tehran, Sepide Sahar, 2000.

-         Anton Chekhov, Laurence Senelick, Tehran, Ghatreh,  2012.

-         The Iceman Cometh, Eugine O'Niel (with B. Ghaderi), Tehran, Sepideh Sahar, 2001.


-         Selected director of the 4th theatre festival of country’s students, special section, Shiraz, Iran, 1988

-         The selected translation of four years of dramatic literature (2001-2005), with cooperation of Behzad Ghaderi, Kerman, Iran, 2005

-         The book of year Kerman in arts district, 2003, the modern stage theory's translation.

-         The book of year Kerman in arts district, 2001, The Iceman cometh.

-         The book of year Kerman in arts district, 2000, Marko millions, translation.

-         The best drama in Children and Adolescents in 2007 with “ a pit which you dig for someone” by playwrites center of theatre home of Iran, Tehran.

-         The best drama of the year 2011 with “The mirror and the patient” play writes center of theatre home of Iran, Tehran.

-         Selected researcher of Kerman  Faculty University of Literature and Humanities, 2002, Shahid Bahonar University.

Selected researcher of Kerman Literature and Humanities literature and humanities,  Faculty, University of, 2005