Khalaj, Mansour (Iran)

Mansour Khalaj

Writer, director and researcher

Date of Birth: 1950

Level of education:

-         Bachelor of Art from faculty of Fine Arts,

-         1950 Master of arts, directing branch from faculty of cinema and theatre

-         1997 First class certification from Islamic Culture and Guidance office


-         Role play in “Verzil’s bats” directing by “ Manochehr Jafari”, Run in Kermanshah, 1968

-         Directing of “The fact about wise man”; libraries of Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults (Kanoon) ;1975

-         Directing of “Who is in the eyes of little boy”, Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults (Kanoon); 1976

-         Running “Little black fish” directing by “Mansour Khalaj”; City Theatre, Quadripartite hall, 1977

-         Running “3 fishes” drama, directing by “Mansour Khalaj”, Tehran, City Theatre, Number 2 Hall, 1985

-         Running “current like stream” drama, directing by “Mansour Khalaj”; Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults (Kanoon)’s theatre center; 1988

-         “Hoopoe” drama directing by “Mansour khalaj”; Tehran, City theatre, Sayeh hall, 1999

-         “Khashayar” drama directing by “Mansour Khalaj”; Tehran, City theatre, Sayeh Hall, 2001

-         Directing Little prince, Tehran, Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults (Kanoon) and also run in international Children’s festival of Isfahan, 1999

-         Role play in “meeting old lady” directing by “Hamid Samandarian”, Tehran, Moulavi hall, 1974

-         Role play in “Looter” write by “John Azorbon” directing by “Rajab Mohammadin”; Tehran, Molavi hall, 1974

-         “When and for the last time” drama, write by “Christopo Hamption”  directing by “Hoshang Hesami”, run in Moulavi hall, 1975

-         Role play in “Wistik” directing by “Parviz khazraei”; run in Iran and America Committee hall, 1976

-         Directing “Little black fish” drama, Tehran, City Theatre, Charsou Hall, 1978

-         Directing “Fugitives’ conversation” drama, Tehran, City Theatre, Charsou Hall, 1979

-         Receiving letter of appreciation from the 7th festival of children and adolescents of Hamedan for “Current like stream” drama, 1998

-         Receiving present of the best design of custom from the 9th festival of children and adolescent’s theatre of new Bam castle for “Hoopoe” dramain 2000

-         Participating in theatre seminar in America (Monte Video) by the invitation of UNESCO ITI; 1990


-         Authorship of “Drama’s history in Kermanshah” book, 1985

-         Authorship of “dram Writers of the world 1 and 2”, Jahad University, 1987

-         Authorship of “Monster and the village”, “3 fishes” and “the friendship” dramas, 1988

-         Authorship of “Manteghoteir” drama, Jihad University, 1989

-         Authorship of “mise en scene”; Barg Publications, 1995

-         Authorship of “Dram writers of the world 3 and 4 volumes”; Barg publications

-         Authorship of “research” drama, Tarbiat publication, 1987

-         Authorship of “trick”, Afarinesh publisher

-         Authorship of “Dram writers of the world 5 volume”; Barg publications 1999

-         Authorship of “play writers of Iran (from Akhondzadeh to Biziaei”, Akhtaran, 2001

-         Authorship of “Theatre and the signs” book, Soureh Mehr, 2004

-         Authorship of “current like stream”, “where do you go bird?”, and “the tick” dramas, Senobar publications, 2005

-         Authorship of “to the Simorq “(a collection of 7 dramas), Neyestan publications, 2011

-         Authorship of “Khashayar” and “conversation in deportation”( pending for publish) dramas

-         Authorship of “Hey Identify your friends”; Afarinesh Publisher of Kanoon; 2002

-         Authorship of “Brief history of cinema” book

-         And more than 60 published  papers in Honar quarterly, Namayesh Journal and Sharq newspapers, Hamshahri, etc.

-         Supervisor of Omid theatre group, established in 1977

-         Running “current like stream”show in Honar hall in 2013

-         Authorship of the next airport drama which was chosen in Saturdays’ Moulavi hall’s shows

-         Authorship of “Imitation” drama for youths, 2013

Member of organizer committee of Children and adolescents’ house theatre, 2003

Member of organizer committee of center of drama writers of house theatre, 2001