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Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre (Canada)
Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre was formed in April of 1991 to address the needs of Atlantic Canadian playwrights and playwriting. Its mandate is three-fold: to assist in the professional development of Atlantic Canadian plays and playwrights, to promote the work of Atlantic Canadian playwrights and Atlantic Canadian Theatres and to document Atlantic Region works of theatre
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The Children’s Art Centre in Poznan (Poland)
The Children’s Art Centre has been operating since 1984 when the Minister of Art and Culture established in Poznan the National Centre of Art for Children and Young People as a cultural institution of a nationwide character. Its raison d’etre is to inspire the creation of professional art for children and young people, to promote new valuable artistic performances, to popularize and aid in the development of new methods of cultural awareness education. In 1999 the Centre changed its Statute and its name to the Children's Art Centre in Poznan
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The Dramatists Guild of America (USA)
The Dramatists Guild of America was established over eighty years ago, and is the only professional association which advances the interests of playwrights, composers, lyricists and librettists writing for the living stage. The Guild has over 6,000 members nationwide, from beginning writers to the most prominent authors represented on Broadway, Off-Broadway and in regional theaters.
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Playwriting Australia (Australia)
PlayWriting Australia is the national peak body for playwriting with a mission to support the development and promotion of great new Australian writing for performance. They work to discover creative artists, improve and enhance playwrights' skills and boost national networks in order to see more Australian work on stage and in print.
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