Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre (Canada)

Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre was formed in April of 1991 to address the needs of Atlantic Canadian playwrights and playwriting. Its mandate is three-fold: to assist in the professional development of Atlantic Canadian plays and playwrights, to promote the work of Atlantic Canadian playwrights and Atlantic Canadian Theatres and to document Atlantic Region works of theatre.

PARC believes that:

  • Play creation is the foundation of theatrical endeavour.
  • Atlantic Canadian playwrights play an important role in the life of Canadian theatre and contribute to the vitality of their communities.
  • Appropriate resources should be available to playwrights to allow their work to achieve a level of excellence that will be recognized within and beyond our region.
  • Our region should be one where everyone has the opportunity to share in the experience of Atlantic Canadian theatre and young people should have the opportunity to be introduced to it at an early age.