Vekemans, Lot (Netherlands)

Lot Vekemans (1965) studied Social Geography at the University of Utrecht. After her study she visited the Writerschool 't Colofon in Amsterdam and graduated there in 1993 as a playwright. Since 1995 she has written several plays for children as well as for adults, such as The Nymph in 1997 for Playwright-festival Hollandse Nieuwe and Geen gewoon Meisje (Not an ordinary girl) for youth theatre company Artemis in 1998.
In 1998 she was one of the 21 European playwrights who joined the writers-in-residence-project The colours of the Chameleon in Edinburgh. There she wrote the short play A brand new day.

't Muztheater in Holland very successfully staged her play Truckstop in 2001 and 2002. In February 2004 her new play Vreemde Vogels (Strange Birds) premiered successfully.