Mol, Pauline (Netherlands)

Pauline Mol (1953) studied both Dutch and dramaturgy. From 1973 to 1985 she was part of the Tejater Teneeter collective, where she was responsible for setting up theme-directed drama projects in schools and supervising children and teachers. Over the course of time she increasingly took on the role of writer and dramaturgist. At the beginning of the eighties she devoted herself entirely to writing. After leaving Tejater Teneeter, she wrote scripts for theatre and television on a freelance basis. From 1990 to 1998 she was the artistic leader of the young people’s theatre company Theater Artemis. Presently, she is writing again for children’s theatre on a freelance basis.

The plays of Pauline Mol are strongly influenced by fairy tales and myths. As no other, she knows how to translate the mega-tales that have been passed down to us into the experiential world of children. The search for (or the preservation of) the spirituality and intuition of the child is one of the cornerstones of her theatrical work. Her use of language is often rhythmic and poetic and can be as harsh as it is consoling