Tuna Serzedello

Tuna Serzedello is an Brazilian actor, director, playwright and teacher. Founder of Arthur-Arnaldo Theatre Company in 1996 (www.arthurarnaldo.com.br) and one of the coordinators of Projeto Conexões (Connections Youth Theatre Project) in Brazil (www.conexoes.org.br) since its creation in 2006.


As a playwright - Wrote the plays:

2019 – PARENTAL ACT (Ato Parental)
- In a close future, after the plebiscite decision that Brazil should be governed by a Business Company and sell to them the “naming rights” and full exploitation rights. The Parental Act guarantees the moral and economic growth without precedents in History.

2017 - FREE THROW (Lance Livre)
- Based on a real event - a 12 years old girl that was killed by a police “lost bullet” inside the school by mistake during a basketball class.

- A radio play about a world water crisis.

2015 – “THE FANTASTIC MONSTROUS APPETITE” (O Fantástico Apetite Monstruoso) – written as a result of a 3 weeks dramaturgy workshop on theatre for children delivered by the Danish playwright Jesper Braestrup Karlsen in São Paulo. - Play about children endless appetite for playing.

2015 – “RIDE” (Rolê)
Play for young people - commissioned by Centro Cultural São Paulo specially written for the 22nd Mix Brasil Festival of sexual diversity. - Play about discovering sexuality.

2014 – “THE CLUELESS X THE USELESS” (Os Pés Murchos X Os Cabeças de Bagre)
A play for all family written to celebrate the World Cup in Brazil. (Before the 7x1 score!). Based on facts that explains football history through war and religion history. Football is an imitation of life.

2013 – SINATRA (Sinatra)
- A play about trying so hard to have kids (or not).

2013 – REGISTRATION LOCATED (Cadastro Localizado)
- Short play about bureaucracy.

2011 - JOSÉ (José)
- Radio play about a big farce envolving José Saramago´s death.

2010 - AUDIENCE (Plateia)
- A short play about theatre.

2008 – “THE THIRD TENTH” (O Décimo Terceiro)
- Thriller for young people.

2008 – “LOSER JOE, COUSIN JOE AND OTHER JOE” (Zé Mané, Primazé e outro Zé)
Nominated for Best Author - FEMSA Award for Children's and Youth Theatre 2008 (the production was nominated in 4 categories - including best show for children). Nominated for Best Author Award in Fentepira (National Theatre Festival in Piracicaba/SP - 2008) - A comedy for children's about fooling the Death. Based on the Brothers Grimm, Câmara Cascudo, Ludwig Bechstein, Ricardo Azevedo and Brazzillian Cordel Literature tales.

2007- “4 TALES FROM 4 CORNERS” (4 Contos de 4 Cantos)
- Children’s Play about fighting our fears.
Based on the tales: "Tsar Saltan" (from Russia), "The Satanic Head" (from Brazil), "The seeds of the Emperor" (from China) and "The Black Bull from Norroway" (Scottish). Storytelling unites folk tales from four different corners of the world.

2004 – THE BET (A Aposta) Adaptation of Anton Chekhov tale for short monologue.
- A monologue about freedom.

2000 – “DOG'S PARTY” (Festa de Cachorro)
- Play for young people about Brazilian Social Abysm

1999 – “VIDEO TAPE” (Videotape)
Honourable mention among the finalists of a National Playwright Contest.
- A comedy about drugs effects.

1999 – “BRAZIL ‘S BRIEF HISTORY - 500 YEARS IN 50 MINUTES” (Pequena História do Brasil – 500 anos em 50 minutos)
- A comedy about how tragically is Brazil’s History.

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