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Micāne-Zālīte, Dace (USA/Latvia)

Dace Micāne-Zālīte has had more than 20 years of experience as a theater director and playwright. She is a globally thinking theater director with a unique signature - innovative, with a strong passion for humanity, ecologically thinking and with a highly artistic approach to Children’s Musicals. Dace’s directing vibrantly relates life stories, folklore and brings to the audience a certain excitement in her staged productions. She is an Instructor in Acting as well as Drama.

Dace’s roots are in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, Latvia, where she trained in theater schools based on Stanislavsky’s method. She received her Theater Director’s degree in 1989 from the Latvia State Conservatory. Dace is a professionally trained playwright at University os Latvia (Riga) and has had extensive experience in working with children and adolescents in Theater Arts instruction. In the Latvian TV industry Dace was the director for several adapted BBC TV productions.

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