Erfan Khatibzadeh is a Researcher, Educator, Dramaturg who lives in Damghan, Iran

He has a BA Theater at the University of Tehran, Campus of Fine Arts, faculty of Performing Arts and Music.
and is a Member of Iran ASSITEJ.
He is interested in working on interdisciplinary fields
The outstanding honors are:
* invited to present his method in International Conference "Theatre between Tradition and Contemporaneity" - IUGTE Austria, 2015. With his method: The Use of Chemical Formulas as Models for a Variety of Blocking in Theater with an Emphasis on Directing Box.
* Best playwriting competition France ASSITEJ to celebrate ASSITEJ world theater day, for writing a play to name: “you should turn off it not the other” and his play has been published in French and English languages, FRANCE, 2016
* He had, mask workshop and paper presentation in international performing arts IUGTE, ITALY, 2016
* He has presented and policy in ASSITEJ international next generation as Iran’s representative – INDIA, 2016.
* Publishing the article “Usage of the Iranian ritual and traditional puppet shows as new performance methods in Shakespeare's plays with an emphasis on Macbeth, Hamlet, King Lear, Othello, Julius Caesar, the tempest and Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare publication in London and keeping this article a reference in international Shakespeare library in ENGLAND,2017.
* Best playwriting competition ASSITEJ France to celebrate ASSITEJ world theater day, for writing a play to name: “This Is Not our World” and his play has been published in English languages, FRANCE, 2017. * He has been the best student of the University of Tehran and has been granted scholarship for 2 years. 2016-2017
* Teaching acting under supervision of ministry art and culture 2017. School of Seven arts. Tehran
* Best project of the national researcher in education of the Basic Sciences with the article of “Teaching math based on Theater” IRAN-Tehran 2017.
* Invited to International Seminar of the Discipline’s Theater Development by I.T.I and UNESCO and Shanghai Theater Academy- China2017.
*published and archived of the “Comparative study of the plants and characters of Shakespeare's works as a new system in performance” in the Shakespeare library in England 2018
* Inviting to the Estonia international theater festival-drama2018 as expert. Estonia, 2018.
* inviting and performing to the Teatr Druga Strefa in Poland for “Sheterl” play. Erfan is the dramaturge of this play. Poland,2018.
* Invited to international puppet theater conference- UNIMA 2017 which take place in Ireland- cork University by the theory: encyclopedia of contemporary puppet theater based on medical-genetic diseases.

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