Erkek, Hasan (Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Hasan Erkek, who has been working as a playwright, poet and as a professor of drama, has been awarded more than 15 prizes. He published 26 artistic and scientific books different countries (France, Germany, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Russia, Turkey). His works in his academic career focus on the art of drama.

He has been giving play reading, dramaturgy, dramatization, creative writing, dram techniques and contemporary theatre courses in various faculties in Anadolu University.

His plays were performed by more than 35 theatres from different countries such as Algeria, Lebanon, Kosovo, Cyprus, Cameroon, including primarily Turkish National Theatres and City Theatres. Furthermore, he wrote poems, radio plays (approximately 16 radio plays were broadcast by national radios in Turkey) and film scripts (some of them were filmed).

One of his specialization fields is theatre for children. He has written nine plays for children. Almost all of them were awarded and staged in different countries many times. During the theater session 2013-2014 his plays for children have been performed by six different theatres (including Turkish National Theatre and İstanbul City Theatre). He has presented more than 50 papers on children theatre at congresses, symposiums and festivals in Turkey and abroad. He has more than a hundred articles published in various journals and newspapers.

Hasan Erkek has worked as an Executive Board Member and Vice-president in ASSITEJ Turkey, as the president of Turkish Playwrights and Play Translators Association and as the Head of the Department of Performing Arts at Anadolu University.