Das, Tapas (India)

Born in 1957, Dr. Tapas Das had his acting debut at the age of seven. He joined Sailpik, a theatre group of Howrah when he was 9 & never looked back since then. He was the only Director invited from Asian countries to the International Director’s Seminar on Children’s Theatre at Stuttgart, Germany.

Education : M.Sc. , M.Ed. , Ph.D.

Profession : Ex Teacher in Biology The Oriental Seminary, Kolkata.

Countries visited : U.S.A, U.K., Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy,     France,     Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan,Thailand, Singapur, Australia, Malaysia, Egypt, China, South Africa, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Austria etc.

International Recognition - attended International Director’s Seminar at Stuttgart, Germany, invited by City Moon, a childrens theatre company of Sydney, Australia.
Attended Fest for Early Childhood at Bologna, Italy.

Dramatic aptitude :
Training at Paschim Banga Natya Academy (West Bengal Drama Academy) & Nandikar (a theatre group of International fame).

Awards received - ‘Natyabhusan’ from National Theatre Conference at Cuttack for his works on children’s play. ‘Best Director’, ‘Best Playwright’, ‘Best Music’, ‘Best Light’ in several State & National drama competitions.  

Books published - 3 collections of one-act plays – ‘Bhupaler Sanket’ (The sign of Bhopal), ‘Tin Kishore Ekanko’ (Three One-act Trio) & ‘Santir Janya’ (For Peace)

TV Productions - In Doordarshan ‘The News’ by Chhandabharati, in E TV Bangla ‘He Mahajiban’ by Eso Natak Shikhi, in Sonar Bangla ‘Dukhuramer Arupkatha’ by Eso Natak Shikhi. Kolkata Doordarshan "Tatan Aar Sada Payra'

Trainer in several State & National Theatre Workshops. Course-director in the year-long theatre training camp organized in collaboration with Democratic Youth Federation of India.

Columnist in a number of theatre magazines like Group Theatre, Asamoyer Natyabhabana, Pryag Patrika, Theatre Arnab etc.

Stage performance in Sailpik, Gananatya, Nandikar & other theatre groups.

Responsibilities - President, Kolkata Eso Natak Shikhi.Treasurer, Indian Center of International Association of Theatre for Children & Young People.