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Young, Polish, Naive - Malina Prześluga (Poland)

Najmniejeszy bal świata | The Smallest Ball in the World, Teatr Baj Pomorski, ToruńReprinted, with permission, from Teatr Lalek magazine, nr 4/110/2012

Since for some time I seem to be functioning in the media vocabulary as a “young Polish playwright”, and since in a few months, which I plan to enjoy without undue reflection, I shall be thirty, I aim to write from the vantage point of a young playwright who has been familiar with the topic only for several years. This is a highly convenient perspective – the young are quite easily forgiven. On the other hand, it is challenging since youth is not always treated seriously. Well aware of this polarisation, I wish to take part in a discussion that has been going on for years.

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'Magnifying Glass and Ear' by Liliana Bardijewska (Poland)

The playwright is a special creative type.

He reacts to the world with hearing and perceives it as a great parlatorium, in which everything is in a state of a permanent dialogue, even with itself, and where all sounds are a communiqué of sorts even if only produced bya squeaky door or dripping water; silence too screams because it is yet another form of dialogue – the dialogue of emotions.

It is insufficient to merely hear such a dialogue. One has to be able to record it and endow it with a theatrical form. What sort? Naturally, a form that is not connected with direction, stage design or music, but with dramaturgy.

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