WLPG Sparks (Linz) – Catalysts for Discovery [June 2013]

The WLPG network put out a call for 500-word original monologues following a ‘prompt’ relating to the overall theme of catalysts for discovery.  Austrian playwright Holger Schober joined WLPG co-editors Tony Mack, Deirdre Kelly Lavrakas and Kim Peter Kovac in making the selection from several dozen entries.  The monologues were read at the ASSITEJ International Meeting in Linz on June 24 and 25, 2013  – playwrights read in their first language and English translations were provided.

If you click on the name of the monologue, you can download a copy.  The plays are in the first language of the playwright, and if that language is not English, an English translation is provided.

    Mohammad Aghebati, Iran, When You Don’t Watch Me
    Beatriz Besteiro, Argentina, Feet Up
    Paula Carballeira, Spain, Katal
    Sonia Daniel, Argentina, Michaela’s Mouse
    Reihaneh Youzbashi Dizaji, III (3)
    Lisa Evans, UK, Cubes of Light
    Hosein Fadai Hosein, Iran, I Want to Grow Now, Now
    Geert Genbrugge, Belgium, Under the Pouring Light
    Amanda Hill, USA, One`
    Afeif Ismail, Sudan/Australia, Eureka
    Tristan Jacobs, South Africa, Stoepkakertjie
    Zainabu Jallo, Nigeria, These Feelings
    Walter Kohl, Austria. It’s Alright, I’m Only Bleeding
    Gabriel Maccio Pastorini, Uruguay, A Window
    Natasha Poluyshkina, Russia, Red Poppies
    Johannes Rhomberg, Austria, Hasta Siempre
    Karin Serres, France, Burning Eyes
    Flo Staffelmeyr, Austria, Inschallah
    Bernhard Studler, Austria, Stopover
    Reinhold Stumpf, Austria, Kids in the Wind
    Silvia Gabrela Vazquez, Argentina, Only Trifles
    Asya Voloshina, Russia, Dad

Photos of the event are here.