The 1st 'WLPG Shorts' program at the 2012 Kijimuna Festa in Okinawa


Pacific Shorts was a collaboration between write local play global, playwright/professor Toyoko Nishida, the Kijimuna Festa, and ASSITEJ Japan to create original short plays addressing the festival's theme.

The theme of the festival was "For Tomorrow - Theatre as 'Nuchigusui' for Children".  The word 'Nuchigusui' means 'medicine for life' in the Okinawan language. In 2011, an unprecedented earthquake, tsunami, and an accident at a nuclear power station hit Japan. With that in mind, seven emerging playwrights from three countries were given the opportunity to write short plays inspired by this idea of 'Nuchigusui' – plays which will help heal children confronting troubles and give them a healthy vision, filled with optimism, for the future.

The seven plays were presented as readings, in the first languages of each of the playwrights and copies of the plays in Japanese and English were provided. After the plays, co-project leader Toyoko Nishida asked Keiko Yamaguchi to read toward the light (after disaster), a poem written by co-project leader Kim Peter Kovac to honor the playwrights.

Following the readings, experienced playwrights Maria Ines Falconi and Ernie Nolan offered comments to the writers, four of whom were writing their first or second play.

To download scripts in English, click on the links below:

Ushirono Shomen Dare?: Who is behind me? by Izumi Ashizawa (Japan/USA)

A Paper Crane by Hyemin Han (Korea)

Letter in a bottle byYudai Kanoh(Japan)

Hungry boy and Angry boy by Kyogo Komura (Japan)

Sky Blue Shoes by Genta Miki (Japan)

Run, run, run!!!: Riddle Jar by Hye-Jung Son (Korea)

Boom by Roxanne Schroeder-Arce (USA)

To download scripts in Japanese, click on the links below:


Who is Behind Me? by Izumi Ashizawa



Letter in a Bottle by Yudai Kanoh


Hungry Boy and Angry Boy by Kyongo Komura


Sky Blue Shoes

by Genta Miki

Click here to download 光に向かって-悲劇の後に toward the light (after disaster) in Japanese and English

Click here for photos of the presentation, which took place August 1, 2012 at the Kijimuna Festa in Okinawa

We are grateful for translations:

  • Asaki Shimoyama translated Sky Blue Shoes, Hungry Boy and Angry Boy, and Letter in a Bottle into English and Boom, A Paper Crane and Run Run Run into Japanese

  • Izumi Ashizawa wrote Who is Behind Me? in Japanese and translated it into English.

  • Hye-Jung Son and Hyemin Han wrote their plays in Korean and translated them into English.

  • Tomoko Maeda and Michelle Solberg translated into the light (after disaster) into Japanese.

Norifumi Hida was the Okinawa project coordinator and translated the presentation.

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