october 2012 newsletter - Pacific Shorts, Featured Playwrights and much more!

The 1st 'WLPG Shorts' program at the 2012 Kijimuna Festa in Okinawa

Thanks so much to everyone involved in the first ever WLPG Shorts program!!!

Pacific Shorts was a collaboration between WLPG, playwright/professor Toyoko Nishida, Kijimuna Festa, and ASSITEJ Japan to create original short plays addressing the festival's theme for 2012. The theme of the festival was "For Tomorrow - Theatre as 'Nuchigusui' for Children". The word 'Nuchigusui' means 'medicine for life' in the Okinawan language. In 2011, an unprecedented earthquake, tsunami, and an accident at a nuclear power station hit Japan. With that in mind, seven emerging playwrights from three countries were given the opportunity to write short plays inspired by this idea of 'Nuchigusui' – plays which will help heal children confronting troubles and give them a healthy vision, filled with optimism, for the future.

Read about the event and the plays submitted.

Check out the photo gallery of the event.


WLPG Featured Playwrights - Willy Conley (USA), Mercy Mirembe Ntangaare, (Uganda) and Karin Serres(France)

We’ve gathered interviews with three exciting and unique playwrights, and each of them has a question for our community. 

Join the conversation and find out more.

Announcing WLPG Shorts (Cleveland): Unexpected Connections

Shorts (Cleveland): Unexpected Connections is a collaborative project between Write Local. Play Global., and Theater for Young Audiences/USA toward the creation of original 1,000 word plays from emerging playwrights on the theme of "Culture Clash: unexpected collisions and connections". The selected plays will be presented as readings on May 9, 2013 at the One Theatre World conference, held in conjunction with the Cleveland International Children’s Festival

Find out more about the project and download the guidelines and application  

'The Creation of a National New Works in Translation Network' by Adam Versenyi

A provocation. A proposal. And a plea.  What would happen if we were to think of new translations of plays, both classical and contemporary, into English the same way that we think of new plays written in English?

Find out more.

'Censorship. . .and Self-Censorship/De la censure et de l’autocensure...' by Suzanne LeBeau

A terrific essay from the wonderful Montreal playwright about “questions on the relationship with the audiences (children) – and from outside – adults’ opinions about our work and their comments about childhood and its relationship with life, art, and theatre.  The first question remains just as current forty years later: who knows and can decide what is best for a child?”

Find out more.

American Alliance for Theater and Education 2012 Distinguished Play Awards

On August 10, at its national conference in Lexington, Kentucky, the American Alliance for Theater and Education announced its 2012 Distinguished Play Awards. Write Local. Play Global. congratulates all of the recipients.

Find out more.

'The Global Play Project: Shifting Perspectives of International TYA at a US University' by Jenny Anne Koppera

“The journey to create the Global Play Project (GPP) began after I returned inspired and rejuvenated artistically from my experience as an intern at the ASSITEJ World Congress and Festival in May 2011.  I was bubbling over with ideas and new friends from across the world, and my goal was to bring this feeling and energy – and wonderful international plays - back to Michigan”.

Find out more.

Happy Birthday to 'Wiley and the Hairy Man' (rebooted)

A new life for a US TYA classic! The 40th birthday of Suzan Zeder's play Wiley and the Hairy Man will be celebrated this October in fine style with a brand new production at StageOne in Louisville, Kentucky.  Wiley will be revitalized and reborn as a musical based in bluegrass and American roots music.

Find out more.

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Google Translate on Write Local. Play Global.

We have incorporated Google’s website translator throughout the site so you can view automatic translations of WLPG content in more than 50 languages.

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