Theatre Mala Scena (Croatia)


Mala Scena is one of the leading Croatian theaters for children and young people. It is the only independent, private theater in Croatia, established in 1989.

The Mission of the theater is:

  • to offer children of all ages, from 0 to 15 years, the art of theatre as an everyday part of their growing up.

  • to lead a dialog with young audiences around the current and everyday topics in which they are interested and which occupy their attention. With the performances, the theatre is trying to help children understand the world which surrounds them, encourage them and inspire them to confront it boldly. It is Mala Scena’s responsibility when on stage to question and investigate children's everyday lives and send them messages of encouragement and hope.

The Mission of the theater is also:

  • to bring theatre for young audiences to an equal level with "theatre for grown ups", and we can to this by constant pursuit of excellence and strict artistic criteria of our own work.

  • to affirm indigenous creation of Croatian authors, as well as promoting the greatest accomplishments of the world of theater for children and young people.

  • to incorporate the art of theatre into programs of educational institutions on all levels, to educate the educators, audience and artists.

  • to use theatre as means to initiate communication between generations, especially within families, to improve understanding among people and to foster overcoming of problems and misunderstandings that come as part of growing up.

Theatre Mala Scena encourages young playwrights to write for young audiences commissioning original plays, developing and devising the plays through the process. Some of the most important plays produced in the process were:

Parsifal by Tena Stivicec

Ifigenia by Lana Saric

Rock’n’Roll for Two Mice by Ivor Martinic

Ana and Mia by Jelena Kovacic

The Story of a Wheel and The Story of Light by Ivica Simic

Contact information:

kazalište mala scena

Medveščak 2

10000 Zagreb

tel. (01) 468 3352, 468 3373, 468 3944

fax. (01) 468 3370


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