Seattle Children's Theatre (USA)

SCT is the premier commisioner and creative producer of new work in the USA, with over 108 new works brought to stage in its 36 year history.

Seattle Children's Theatre (SCT) is the second largest resident theatre for young audiences in North America. Their programs empower young people to make new discoveries about themselves and the world around them while building a lifelong interest in the arts. The mission of Seattle Children's Theatre is to provide children of all ages access to professional theatre, with a focus on new works, and theatre education.

Seattle Children's Theatre and The Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis, the two leading theatres for young audiences in the nation, have partnered to establish Plays for Young Audiences (PYA).

PYA is a centralized clearinghouse for licensing rights of scripts written for young audiences. Through its service to the larger children's theatre community, PYA will be a catalyst to drive the field of theatre for young people to new heights.

For more information on scripts available through PYA, please visit