Wyndham, Asher (USA / Canada)

Asher Wyndham is a dual citizen of USA and Canada. He is working on a collection of short plays for teenagers titled SOME AMERICAN TEENS. The target audience is 12-18. His goal is to write 100 short plays for teenagers. So far he has 20. FATIMA & MAAMA, a play that addresses Islamophobia, was produced at Point of Contention Theatre Company in Chicago and at the Short + Sweet Festival in Sydney, Australia. TOUGH GIRLS, about bullying by girls, was produced at Acadia University in Nova Scotia; it will tour high schools throughout the province later in 2011. HAPPI IN IOWA, about gay hate crimes, was produced at Fancy Pants Theater in Kalamazoo, Michigan. His TFY work has been developed at the American College Theater Festival and at the American Theatre for Higher Education conference. He recently graduated from Arizona State University with a MFA in Playwriting.

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