Tomasz Kaczorowski

Tomasz Kaczorowski (born in 1992 in Gdynia) is a Polish playwright and director of the young generation; he studied Theatre Studies at Jagiellonian University in Kraków and a Directing at the Puppetry Department of Theatre Academy in Warsaw and he is also a PhD student at the University of Gdansk. His PhD dissertation focuses on contemporary polish plays for young audience. In his artistic and research work he focuses on teenage audiences. He is also genuinely interested in the needs, problems, and culture of the young.

He worked as directors assistant with top polish artists: Marcin Liber, Piotr Ratajczak, Wojtek Klemm, Anna Augustynowicz, Icelandic director Erling Johannesson, American artist and Beckett researcher SE Gontarsky. He directed 7 performances for teenagers: “Trollgatan. The Troll Avenue” (2015) written by himself and “Better Woods [Die besseren Walden]” (2019) written by Martin Baltsheit (Contemporary Theater in Szczecin), “You, Hitler!” written by Kristo Sagor (2016, Jan Kochanowski Theatre in Opole), “#darkness” written by himself (2018, Wilam Horzyca Theatre in Toruń), “ANTIGONE: I am AGAINST” written by himself (Jan Dorman Theatre in Będzin) and “full power kick or #beingzlatanibrahimović” (2018, Aleksander Fredro Theatre in Gniezno) and “The Trial. Rec” written by himself but inspired by Franz Kafka (2018, The Dramatic Theatre in Białystok). He also directed performances for children: “Under Table Stories” (2016, Puppet Theatre in Słupsk) and “Play without Grandma” (2018, Children’s Art Centre in Poznań) and for adult audience: “Eccentricities od Afanasjew [Chimery Afanasjewa]” (2016, Puppet Theatre in Gdańsk), “I Do Not Believe in Death [Nie wierzę w śmierć]” (2017, Puppet Theatre in Gdańsk) and “Night Bus” (2017, New Theatre in Słupsk).

He was awarded by Grand Prix in Dramaturgy Competition in 2016 established by New Theatre in Słupsk and New Theatre in Cracow for play “Las Villas” (opening night: September 2016 in New Theatre in Słupsk, directed by Piotr Sieklucki), he won prizes in Young Audience Theatre Play Competition established by Children’s Art Center in Poznan (2017 “#beingzlatanibrahimović”, 2018 “[REC•] in Pol”), his plays were thrice rewarded by getting to semi-finals of Gdynia Playwright Prize (2016 “Trollgatan. The Troll Avenue”, 2017 “Las Villas” and 2018 “#darnkess”). He was a participant of playwright workshops with Nicolaj Kolyada (2012) and CENTER OF NEWEST DRAMA (2017) at the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Cracow.