Thorkelsdóttir, Rannveig (Iceland)

Rannveig Thorkelsdóttir is finishing her second MA in Applied Studies in Culture and Communication from the School of Humanities at the University of Iceland. She also holds an MA in Educational Theory with emphasis on curriculum theory and development from the University of Iceland and BEd, School of Education, Teachers University of Iceland. She is the Chair of FLÍSS (Icelandic Drama and Education Association) and a Treasurer of IDEA (International Drama/ Theater and Education Association).

Her publications include: 
Play with Drama (to be published in 2012);
 Sound theatre public by The National Centre for Educational Materials; and
 Practical Drama, a book for teachers and DVD. Teaching materials in drama education and play are published on her website and include: Egil’s tale, collected material for primary school; The Saddest King, collected material for secondary school; The Tunnel, collected material for secondary school; Fóa og Fóa feykirófa (an Icelandic tale), collected material for primary school; and I and I, collected material for secondary school, and many, many more.