Lojo Simon


LOJO SIMON is a playwright, dramaturg and published writer of prose and poetry. Her plays for young audiences include commissioned projects for Creede Repertory (ALBERT PORTER: BOY EXPLORER, Young Audience Outreach Tour 2017) and Kaiser Permanente, as well as NICE & SLOW (Old Miner Playwriting Award), which tours which tours with Noorda Theatre Center for Children and Youth in Spring 2017. Other plays include ADORATION OF DORA (KOLT Run Creations, Idiom Theatre, U Idaho, KCACTF/ATHE David Mark Cohen National Playwriting Award), CONTROLLED BURN (MonoMyth Theatre), LOVE ALL (OC-Centric New Play Festival), and short plays MOSCOW (Sam French OOB Festival, City Theatre National New Play Award, KCACTF Ten Minute Play Award, Best of Tribal Humor Festival, Heideman Award Finalist), GINGER AMERICA (WWU British Theatre Tour, Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga, T. Schreiber Theatre, Badass Theatre), GIRLFRIENDS (Smith & Kraus’ 105 Five-Minute Plays for Study and Performance) and BATSHIT CRAZY (U. of St. Thomas, City Theatre New Play Award Finalist).

More information at her website.