Qasempour, Akram (Iran)

First name and surname: Akram Qasempour

Date of Birth: 1963

Level of Education: Student in art research- PhD level

Activity records:

-          As a teacher in university in 1995, teaching courses like; acting, directing, puppet drama and Children’s Literature

-          Faculty theatre member in Soureh University and director of the department of Soureh University’s theatre



-          The best Children’s book award 2001

-          The Second round of Parvin Etesami award for “a painting” book- placing this book in the list of world’s top religious books

-          Translation of children’s books written in Italy, China, India, Lebanon, South Korea and Turkey

-          Honored as a top professor for 2 years in Soreh theatre

Works (scientific, research, etc.):

-          Publication of several articles about children and adolescents