Hiriart, Berta (Mexico)

Berta Hiriart is a playwright, theatre director and creative workshop coordinator. She has published about twenty books for young readers or teachers, writers and theatre groups interested in working for children and teenagers. Some of her recent publications are: El mundo del teatro (The World of Theater), Escribir para niñas y niños (Writing for children), Jugamos al teatro? (Do we play the theatre?) and the plays Niñas de la guerra (Girls of War), Se busca familia (Looking for a family) and Una historia de gemelos (A story about twins).

Even though she usually directs her own plays, several groups have also staged them in different cities of Mexico and other countries. Some of these works have been translated into English, German and Polish. She has received the National Award for Published Work 1994, the National Award for Play for Children 2004, and the Award of Theatrical Essay 2005.