Ghosh, Ashish Kumar (India)

Ashish Kumar Ghosh was born in a village in West Bengal in 1944. Memories of the place continued to inspire his artistic self even after he shifted to Delhi in 1957 to complete formal education and make a career in academics in the University of Delhi. Theater was in the family. He was fortunate to find mentors in academics, theater, music, and choreography to combine these inputs to start working in children’s theater from 1986. Henceforth, most of his research themes centered on children, the grassroots, and performance traditions. His original plays are written in Bengali and rooted to culture-friendly traditions of India. His Hindi plays have been devised in workshops first and subsequently written with contributions from the participants. He writes, directs, and performs in plays with the conviction that simple is the most profound. He also leads projects on drama and education. The rest of his time is spent in organizing ASSITEJ India.