Fadaihosein, Hosein (Iran)

Hosein Fadaihosein is a playwright and theater researcher living in Qom, Iran. He has written 17 plays for children and young adults, directed eight productions and had 13 plays published. Some of his papers include: Simplification in Dramatic Literature for Children and Young People; Considering Children and Young-Adults’ Theater in Iran; Audience Understanding in Children and Young-Adults’ Theater; Theater experience and its impact on child and adolescent audiences; and Review Problems of Children's Theatre. He is currently writing the following books: Theatre and Childhood (A View on Theoretical Discussions on Children's Theatre); and We Work in Theater Too (Step by Step Training Theater for Teenagers – A Practical Handbook).

Hosein has a B.A of Industrial Design and M.A of Dramatic Literature, was a Specialist of Dramatic Art Center of Iran in 1989, co-founded the Aeen Theater group in 1996 and was a Council Member of the Children and Young-Adults Office in Iran in 2007.

Plays from Hosein Fadaihosein:

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