WLPG Report to the ASSITEJ General Assembly - May 22, 2017, Cape Town

Given by Jenny Ann Koppera and Karin Serres

Description of network

A network designed to support, integrate, connect and give voice to international playwrights into the organization of ASSITEJ and into the field of Theatre for Young Audiences

Open to all theatre practitioners – not just playwrights – interested international TYA writings.  Your writings and presentations are welcome in English and any other mother languages.

We now have a newsletter and a website including a list of participant biographies, pertinent articles, and global networking opportunities.

Join us on our social media – Facebook, twitter, & Instagram.

Involvement and Activities


Participated in the Small Size Network Gathering – Ashish Kumar Gosh

Contributed to the Annual ASSITEJ Magazine – WLPG Co-Editor Tony Mack – an article entitled ‘The Power of an Idea – The ASSITEJ Next Generation Program’

Supported ASSITEJ USA – One World Theatre Conference – by hosting a Sparks Presentation/International Monologue Readings

Participated in the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering in Berlin in conjunction with ITI/Germany – with the creation of Words, Culture, and Zeitgeist – a Public Moment

Supported ASSITEJ France – A Day for a Play – instant international playwriting game created to celebrate the ASSITEJ World Day of Theatre for Children – Karin Serres – 2nd Edition

Supported USA/Spinning Dot Theatre - Global Play Project , in 2015 and 2017 – Jenny Anne Koppera


Participated in the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering in Birmingham – by Curating a  Program of Activity including a Playwright Intensive, a Sense of Place Activity, and a Sensory Dramaturgy Workshop


Facilitated A Play for a Day with the help of ASSITEJ France in its 4th edition – currently with the creation of 62 plays from 23 countries from 5 continents.  As ASSITEJ France decided to pass this on to WLPG, this will be an ongoing network event lead by WLPG itself.

Created the ASSITEJ Inspirational Playwrights Awards including a Selection Process in partnership with the ASSITEJ Executive Committee as well as international assessment panel managed by Co-editor Tony Mack including: Maria Ines Falconi from Argentina, Ashish Kumar Gosh from India, Sue Giles from Australia, Kim Peter Kovac from the USA, Deidra Kelly Lavrakas from the USA, Lereko Mfono from South Africa, Karin Serres from France, and Simone Spiteri from Malta.

ASSITEJ World Congress – Created a Program of playwriting activity including Cape Town: A Sense of Place, Multiple Playwriting Slams, African Playwriting Workshop in cooperation with ASSITEJ France, New Play Development focused on Sensory Dramaturgy, Inside New Visions/New Voices – Transforming New Play Development for Young Audiences

Future Plans
Participate in our events here at the Congress and building new ones for future events inside ASSITEJ and more. 

Here in Cape Town, our events are held at the Artscape and are:

Tuesday 23 May - Cape Town: A Sense of Place Sharing  – you can still submit your writing by tonight!

Thursday 25 May – African Playwrights Slam

Friday 26 May – Sensory Dramaturgy Workshop

Friday 26 May – Inclusivity Playwrights Slam

Friday 26 May – Awards Ceremony to announce the Inspirational Playwrights

Saturday 27 May – New Visions New Voices New Play Development Panel, with 4 great South-African TYA playwrights

Saturday 27 May – Inspirational Playwrights Sharing and Discussion

WLPG is also involved in the ‘Stories from the Cradle of Creativity’, an epic poem, where we are inviting everyone involved to submit a 200-character story in their first language

You can find all the activities listed in your booklet on page 152!

A more detailed WLPG report can be sent to anyone who is interested.

Please feel welcome to join our website, check out our social media and become part of our Write Local. Play Global. Network family.